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#411 Limestone

​Description: This is a mixture of stone sized between #6's and #10's
Most common forms of use: Top off stone driveways and fill potholes in drives
Attributes: Compacts very tightly after rolled and prevents stone washout into yard

#304 Limestone

​Description: This stone is slightly larger than #411 and is sized between #4's and #10's
Most common forms of use: Build the base or bottom layer of a stone driveway
Attributes: Larger than #411, Large to fine stone packs tightly

#4 Limestone 

​Description: The Largest of our stone, 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches in size
Most common forms of use: Around ponds and as a base
Attributes: Large stone prevents washout of banks around ponds and allows for drainage

#6 or #57 Limestone

​Description: A medium sized stone around 1 inch in size
Most common forms of use: Leach fields and areas where water drainage is needed
Attributes: Allow for drainage of water

#8 Limestone

Description: A smaller stone around a 1/2 inch in size
Most common forms of use: Backfill tile pipe and can be used under concrete and in drives
Attributes: Allows for drainage of water

#10 Screenings

​Description: The smallest of our stone, around a 1/8 inch in size
Most common forms of use: To construct a base for pavers, concrete, etc.
Attributes: Very coarse like sand, packs tightly to prevent downward movement